Exhibition Reviews

Dr Elena Bernardini

In Seraphim Angeli continues her existential reflections on impermanence and change, fragility and transformation while bringing her formal explorations to further extremes

Wishing to engage with a surface half consumed by fire has led her to adopt a smaller scale and work layering charred canvas upon canvases as if they were sheets of paper. The results were three series of an intimate and introspective nature characterised by a most delicate and precious materiality.

Sowani is an artist who has travelled and she surely has learnt that images always travel a little further. Born out of differences and specificities, which remain so important in many aspects of our lives, images can also run loose suggesting new links and connections. Sowani has taken us onto some of these unexpected journeys. Inner worlds, sunscapes, earthscapes, and waterscapes: her works, are flesh of the world, yet transform it anew.